5 Beauty Products I'm Currently Obsessing Over

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Hello, darlings! I hope you had an amazing weekend. It's been extremely hot in New York and all I seem to want to do is lay in my air condition and relax. How did you spend your weekend? Aside from being a lazy bum, I had the opportunity to test out some new makeup products and admire some of my favorites. Here are the top 5 beauty products I'm currently obsessed with.

1.  Giorgio Armani Beauty Bronze All-Over Palette ($88) - Oh, Armani. I can't get over how stunning your products are. I'm always terrified of using them for fear of ruin. This particular product is what I call "my summer in a compact." Everybody wants that bronze-y J. Lo glow and this delivers. Bronzer on the top and the shadows on the bottom -- It doesn't get much better.

2. Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color, Nude Vanille ($48) - Nude lipsticks are what I live for, so when I spotted this beauty I knew she had to be mine. I love how it's more of a pink-nude. The texture on Tom Ford lipsticks are creamy and luscious. I WANT THEM ALL.

3. Guerlain Kajal Kohl Eyeliner/Shadow Pen ($37) - I can't get over this product. Firstly, Guerlain products are super luxurious and feel expensive in your hand. Second, I love how easy it is to apply. It glides smooth on the waterline and upper lash-line. You can also use it as an eye shadow. I recommend applying it to start a smokey eye -- it's great base for the shadow.

4. LORAC Mint Edition Palette ($42) - I immediately thought of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I saw this palette. It reminded me of long summer days filled with fun and adventure. The range of colors in this palette are exciting. Although you get a true mint shade -- you also get a few stunning matte nudes and dark shimmers to mix and match. Also, I'm a huge fan of the cheek color and highlighter in the center. That bottom peach is gorgeous on the eyes with a matte brown in the crease. Hello, summertime! 

5. Ciate Very Colourful Manicure ($19) - My manicure didn't look as good as the stock photo, but it still gave me the foiled nail look I wanted. With a little practice (and more patience), I think I could be really good at using the foil strips. It's also easy to touch-up if you mess up. A win in my book.

Have you tried any of these products?



  1. The bronzer is Amazing! But the minty palette takes the cake... I saw a similar palette from Too-Faced at my local Ulta store, and craved it. The mint shadow of that palette was a more interesting tone, but this one has killer blushers. Hmm, can never get it all in one set.
    Peace, Mari

  2. Kristen @YourBeautyFixJuly 16, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    LOVE THAT MANI! Its so unique and eye-catching :)