Fall 2011 Top Makeup Trends

I'm always curious to see where the trends are going with each season. This upcoming Fall it's all about bold red lips, rich metallic lids and the adored winged eyeliner. These looks were a hit at Fall fashion week and are already being seen on popular celebrities.

1. BOLD RED LIPS: A classic favorite of many -- the red lip will always come and go in fashion trends. It's timeless and anyone can wear it. I, myself, have never been a lover of red lips. It is, however, growing on me and I'm opening myself up to other options. The key to a red lip? Finding the right one for you. Red lips are not all created equal and neither are we, so like most colors, you can't expect them to look good on everyone. Some pointers I've learned over the years: If you're fair to medium skin-tone, you should try a blue red shade. A "classic red" will look sunning. If you're medium to darker skin-tones, you should try warmers reds. Trial and error also works great. Go to a few different makeup stores and try different ones on. Don't purchase anything you haven't tried on! Bring your friends and ask their opinions. 

Or Scarlett...

Or Miss Taylor

Do you have a favorite RED lip?

2. RICH METALLIC LIDS: The trend of metallic lids is honestly something that only comes around once in a blue moon. I normally see it on the runaways, but never actually see it transition to the streets. I've actually been seeing people wearing this hot trend. Chanel & Sephora have definitely put out ads to get people excited about metallic lids.

Have you ever wore metallic lids?

3. WINGED EYELINER: This is another trend that will always make a comeback. It's sexy, fresh and plays up the eyes, which we all love. My girlfriend describes it as "sexy" and it works on everyone--no matter how old you are. Anyone can pull this off. Most beauty experts won't leave the house without eyeliner and non-beauty experts tend to only wear liner. I love the winged out effect because it reminds me of gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. 

They definitely knew how to do it back then. Here's how our favorites are doing it nowadays...

Could Eva Mendes be anymore more gorgeous?! Geez..

I LOVE the double winged eye. Smokin hot on Kim.

This video seen below is an AMAZING tutorial on dramatic cat eye liner. I definitely recommend everyone to watch it. It's absolutely gorgeous!

I love winged eyeliner.

Are you loving or hating the Fall 2011 trends? Is there a trend you'd love to see happen?

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