Lipstick Love: MAC Peachstock from MAC ME OVER Collection

I, like most, get very excited for new MAC cosmetics launches, but they've been driving me insane trying to keep up with all their new launches lately. I thought I was going to love their latest launch, MAC Me Over, but I wasn't really interested when I saw it in person...

Took a few quick photos with my phone even though the MAC lady was giving me an evil look :X

I found that most of the product was easily duped.

 I did, however, pick up one product that I love. I've been eyeing it for some time but have been too lazy to go to my local MAC Pro store. My newest lip love is MAC Peachstock. It's described as a "creamy beige peach." It looks lighter when on my lips but it's actually pretty true to the color on my hand. 

It's stunning. I like that it's more of a peachy nude because that's something I definitely don't own. I've considering picking up a few more items from the MAC Me Over collection. I was eyeing one of the blushes and a gloss. Have you purchased any products yet?

Retail: $14.50 at MAC (Permanent Edition at MAC Pro Stores) 

OoO and now I want peaches...

What's your favorite lip product of the moment?

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