Zang Toi Fall 2013 | New York Fashion Week

Image Credit: Via Daily Front Row

Magical, Stunning and Bold. Zang Toi's Runway for New York Fashion Week was a treat for the eyes. 

It started off with very dark earthy colors, solid black and browns with some patterned pieces. Next came bold, bright colors. The turquoise, cyans and purples were absolutely stunning! Not to mention the music transitioned into a magical Disney-like wonderland song pulling you into this bright fantasy on a runway. Zang threw even more surprises when the models came out covered in black to reveal gold trimmed designs on coats, dresses and earrings to match. The designs proved to be gorgeous against the black almost making the trim appear in 3D. These pieces were certainly the crowd's favorite.

Not only were the colors amazing, but Zang's use of textures did not disappoint. From valore to silk to wool/cotton mixes, all were used in such tasteful and creative ways. Zang Toi was certainly a show to remember. 

 Guest post by Jessie Diaz for Beauty in New York City.

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