Ricardo Seco Menswear Fall 2013 | New York Fashion Week

“Brooklyn embodied” - just one way to describe Ricardo Seco’s Fall 2013 Menswear Collection.  Inspired by his new surroundings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Seco paid homage to the diversity and grittiness that make up this burgeoning neighborhood. 

The collection, entitled “ALIVE”, was sparked by the intersection of Hasidic and Hipster, two very present communities in Brooklyn. Seco mixed the strict formality of the Hasidic dress code with the more unkempt and effortless looks pervasive in the Hipster community - accomplishing a finished product that was modern, luxurious and unabashedly cool.

Seco’s interpretation, of what’s been described as “Urban Orthodox”, manifest itself in a collection of relaxed and over-sized silhouettes in a combination of leather, velvet, wool, cashmere and cotton textiles. Hints of green added some visual interest to an otherwise sleek and minimal palette of black, grays and whites. 

What made this overall successful collection even more impressive was Seco’s ability to paint this vivid picture while incorporating elements of his Mexican Heritage. From the concept, materials, construction and finished look - we enjoyed every aspect of Seco’s Fall 2013 Collection.

               Guest post by Andrew HoChoy for Beauty in New York City.

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