Timo Weiland Men's Fall/Winter 2013 Presentation | New York Fashion Week

Timo Weiland's Men's Presentation at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week was incredible. The Fall/Winter 2013 collection consisted of a plethora of inspiring looks. We were thoroughly impressed with the brand's usage of color and prints. Timo is taking menswear to new heights. There were a couple key pieces that stood out the most. One of them was a black knit hoodie with fishbone cable, paired with a black shearling toggle coat. The other piece that stood out the most, happens to be a personal favorite. It is a forest green bomber jacket with pin dot tweed wool sleeves. Life is in the details and this collection carries a lot of life. Very thankful that the brand chose the presentation format over a runway show. Presentations give you the time to really take in a collection and digest the subtleties of each piece.

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