LORAC Cosmetics Pro Line For Fall 2012 Review + Swatches

LORAC Cosmetics Pro 2012
LORAC Cosmetics new PRO line screams sophistication and drama. The new FALL 2012 collection is designed to make you look intense and luxurious. The new product line includes a new palette, cream eyeliners, powder cheek stains, nude gloss duo and mascara. I'm such a LORAC addict. The brand just keeps getting better and better. This collection is no exception. Keep reading after the jump for my review.

PRO Palette ($42): I adore LORAC eye shadow palettes. They always deliver intense pigment, great color range and a pleasing package. This palette is a bit different from the Unzipped palette from their Spring collection. The palette contains 16 shades. 8 shades of matte (top row) and 8 shades of shimmer (bottom row). The Unzipped palette comes with 10 shades, so this palette comes with 6 more colors. What I love about this palette is how the colors are separated. It makes for a quick find when deciding on daily looks. If I want a matte look, I can look right at the top row. If I want shimmer, I look right at the bottom. The other thing I love about this palette is the varies of light and dark colors. You can go from everyday eye to a sultry, smokey eye. The palette offers soft browns, golds, purples and much more. The matte shades included make this palette great for everyone no matter what their age. Ever since I received this I have been using it non-stop. What more could a girl want?

 Matte Shades - Top Row

 Shimmer Shades - Bottom Row

PRO Powder Cheek Stain ($20): I was pretty excited when I heard LORAC were launching 12-hour long-wear blushes. These are gorgeous and very long lasting. It's jam packed with skincare benefits as well, such as antioxidants of vitamins A, C, E, pomegranate, green tea, white tea, grape seed extracts and aloe. The shades are really beautiful too. If you enjoy blushes with a hint of shimmer, you'll love these!

 Coral Crush

 Ruby Rouge

 Rosy Glow

 Plum Passion

PRO Cream Eyeliner ($19): The cream eyeliners come in 4 shades (dark brown, plum, navy and black) and include a brush. I'm all for products that have everything you need to execute a look. The cream glides on and the brush keeps the line very straight. It's easy to get close to the upper lash line if you prefer a thin line.

TIP:  This brush and formula is perfect for a sexy cat eye. Try it!

Retail: $19-$42
Availiable: Sephora, LORAC Cosmetics
OverallI continue to be extremely impressed with LORAC collections. Season after season they deliver great products that I would happily purchase. This collection is a must-have and great for everyone. 
Note: The mascara and nude duo is not included in this post because I hadn't received it for review yet. Separate review coming soon.


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