The Makeup Show NYC May 15, 2011

After attending The Makeup Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion this May, I was inspired to start my own beauty blog. Over the past few years I've become beauty obsessed and needed a place to share my beauty rants and raves. What's a better way to start a blog then with an event? That brings me to the makeup show.

This was my first time attending the makeup show and I was super excited. The Makeup Show is a pro-only event that features two fun filled days of anything and everything makeup. It also features education seminars, new product launches, and special two day only discounts (Who doesn't love discounts?!) It's a definite must to attend if you love beauty.

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As of right now, the makeup show takes place once a year and goes to L.A., NYC, Chicago, and Europe. The Chicago event is this upcoming weekend and the one in Europe is in September.

This year was packed with over 3,000 people by lunch time.

I caught this workshop as I was walking in:

I was excited to see what the MAC Pro booth would have:

The Temptu Pro booth was amazing. I was excited to see what they had to offer since I already have their Temptu airbrush machine.

I was thrilled when I heard NARS was going to attend. Unfortunately since it was their first year attending, they had nothing for sale. They were, however, previewing their Fall 2012 collection and signing up attendees for their pro card. Their pro card is still in the process of being created, and they weren't sure when it would be finished. I can't wait to receive that one.

I LOVE Make Up Forever and obviously I am not alone. The MUFE booth was PACKED. At 40%, I could definitely understand why. I wanted to pick up a few items, but I could barely get in. I think maybe next year their area should be much bigger.

A makeup artist from MUFE was doing some amazing artistry on this model:

Found another model along the way...

Who doesn't love Crown brushes?

I was happy to get to play with makeup from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I initially wanted to pick up a few lip tars, but got easily distracted by their gorgeous loose colors.

Anastasia in action:

Inglot & Youngblood:

On the second floor of the makeup show, I found a brand I'd never heard of Xotic Eyes. I was intrigued by all the glitter (sparkles are so pretty) and I had to check it out.

I wanted #2 and #7:

If you love glitter and body art, this is definitely for you.

After hours of shopping, I was super tired.

Here's what I came home with. Not bad for my first makeup show.

Tips if you're heading off to a makeup show:

1. Save up some $$$! Most booths are extremely discounted and this the perfect opportunity to pick up all your beauty supplies. If you are working on a kit or just looking for some makeup for yourself, make sure to bring enough cash. Many brands do take credit credits :-)

2. Dress Light: It was extremely crowded and hot, so be prepared to get overheated and wait on long lines. Get your game face on.

3. Bring a snack: There wasn't much food choices and I got hungry half way through the day. Bring a few snacks, water, and even a sandwich for when you feel hungry.

4. Print out a map: It's important to know where everything is and who you don't wanna miss.

5. Make a shopping list: I made a list before I got there, so I'd know ahead of time what I needed.

6. Have fun: This is a great time to meet people and network with others in the beauty world. If you are a makeup artist, bring extra business cards.

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