Adventure Time With The 2014 Kia Soul in Bright Solar Yellow

Photos by James Ayala

Some days you need a little adventure, so when I was asked to take the 2014 Kia Soul for a test drive I knew adventure was near. When I first laid eyes on the car, I immediately thought of dancing hamsters (good marketing, yes?). Like that fun commercial, the Kia Soul is kind of a party in itself. It drives like a dream, is incredible on gas, and is a show-stopper in the streets – perfect for any beauty or fashion maven. I can’t tell you how many people stopped to stare. Its bright yellow exterior caught the eyes of many, and my family quickly named the car Aretha… after the queen of soul herself.

Needless to say, we fell in love with the Kia Soul and are now strongly considering purchasing one. It was one of the best cars to drive and comes recommended highly to anyone looking for a great, affordable compact vehicle.

The Kia Soul 6-speed Manual starts at $14,900.
  • Car Type: Wagon
  • Transmission: 6-speed Manual
  • Total Seating: 5
  • Cylinders: Inline 4
  • Colors: Various shades
  • Favorite Interior Features: Heated mirrors, dual illuminating vanity mirrors (perfect for quick touch-ups!), USB connection, 6 speakers, & Bluetooth wireless technology.
See below for my favorite gold/yellow beauty products inspired by the Kia’s bright hue.

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