Zimmermann SS14 | New York Fashion Week

Combining structured metallic fabrics with airy chiffon, Zimmermann Spring 2014 was feminine with a few futuristic elements. The collection was striking in its use of neutral tones. Occasional flashes of color were sprinkled throughout, but even the geometric prints were mostly done in nude. Asian-inspired florals also graced the runway, along with a watercolor seemingly floral pattern that was actually made of clown faces.

Popularly known for swimwear and resort in the States, only a few swim looks were shown with the majority of the collection focusing on day-wear. Textures seemed to be all about contrast: leather and what appeared to be mid- to heavy-weight fabrics were used in several looks, but sheer and float-y fabric were also prominent along with plentiful use of ruffles (for the most part breezy, although some brought to mind girls’ clothing). Standouts included nude leather wrap tops, tiger stripe print, and a provocative black maillot with long-sleeves.

This is a guest post written & photographed  by Alexandra Shook of Delayed Missives for Beauty in New York City.

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