Son Jung Wan SS14 | New York Fashion Week

Images Via Moda & Estilo

It was my first time attending the Son Jung Wan show and I was excited to see what the collection would be like this season. I was delighted to find out that show included both womens-wear and menswear since I don't get to see a ton of menswear.  It started with several crisp, all-white looks. Just like all-black looks are so chic, I feel that all-white looks can be equally as chic. Even though the first few pieces were all white, they were far from boring thanks to interesting details such as side-paneling or a mixture of textures.

From there the color scheme shifted to yellow and it was a like a ray of sunshine. The yellow outfits really stood out to me after about ten or so all-white looks, so that was a job well done by the person who decided the show order. After the yellow, the clothes became sand-colored and I could now see the designer's inspiration of Morocco in these looks. There were also a few playful striped outfits and she did make use of a couple different prints. The show closed with a few sequined pieces that I couldn't help but love because sequins = party fun to me! I would absolutely wear the finale dress in a heartbeat to some fab cocktail party or even New Year's Eve!

This is a guest post written  by Nnenna Odeluga of Star-Crossed Smile for Beauty in New York City.

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