Smooth For Days: At Home Hair Removal Devices To Try

OK, I’ll be honest. The concept of hair removal devices has always made me a tad uneasy. Maybe its because I’m super accident prone and have sensitive skin…or maybe it’s because once when I was 14 I used Nair and left it on way to long and broke out in hives, but I have typically refused to use anything other than razors when it comes to smooth, hairless skin. However, having faced my fears for this blog post I can report that my shaving days are short for this world. Below is a beauty roundup of the leading hair removal devices on the market.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser 4X – currently the only FDA cleared at home laser, this handy little device is not only ADORABLE but its safe, effective, and comes in a variety of fun colors. The device uses the diode technology preferred by most dermatologists, and results is the only at home device that delivers permanent hair removal. Typically after three months of treatment the device successfully deactivates hair follicle growth. Mild redness has been reported but it usually goes away within 24 hours.

Silk'n Flash & Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device – Similar to the TRIA, this handheld light device makes hair removal safe and easy to do in the privacy of your own home, however this handheld uses a unique Home Pulsed Light™ technology for safe hair removal on even sensitive skin. When I saw first saw this device I couldn't help but notice its uncanny resemblance to the handheld scanners they have at grocery stores, but I must say this ends up being beneficial because it allows you to cover larger areas of skin while using it. Best feature? The device is a lil’ smarty-pants. Its Skin Color Sensor measures the skin tone of the applied surface and enables application only on suitable skin tones. If skin is too dark or tanned it will disable treatment and prevent discoloration.

ME SMOOTH Hair Removal Device – This is the most versatile product on the market that makes at home hair removal. It uses a patented elos technology that is clinically proven and FDA cleared to be safe and effective for ALL skin types and tones. Gentle with no snapping or zapping or stings that some hair removal devices can give, easy to use, and the ME SMOOTH leaves skin with a clean, soft and silky texture.

no! no! Hair Removal System – This tiny, adorable little gadget takes the cake for cutest tool. Using Thermicon™ technology, the no! no! provides gentle hair removal through heat pulses for longlasting, hairless skin. This is the best on the go device for sensitve areas and great for men as well (it comes in pink for the ladies but also can be purchased in a sleek black or silver)

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit – This innovative kit allows for fast, gentle hair removal that lasts up to 28 days! Simply plug the self-heating device into your electrical outlet and the wax maintain a perfect temperature for application.

Written by Sara Shaffer

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