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Summer is nearly here and I'm ready trying to get back into a normal, consistent gym routine. I've never been what you would call a gym person, but my girlfriend goes multiple times a week and is trying to get me to be more active. Here are a few of mine (and her) favorites to try before and after your next workout.

One of the most important items in your gym bag is always a great pair of sneakers. The best for my feet are Saucony. I recently received their new Kinvara 3 sneakers at the Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet a few weeks ago and fell in love. They're extremely comfortable and the ideal running shoe. When it comes to fitness clothing, brands like Lululemon and Under Armour are considered the best. I recommend shopping at stores like Old Navy, Gap, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target. Discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls tend to have designer fitness clothes for a fraction of the price! To wash my fitness gear I always opt for Downy Infusions. It smells like heaven in a bottle and leaves clothes smelling so good. I'm obsessed! 

Let's talk workout beauty for a second -- I've never been one of those who wear makeup to the gym, but they're some women that do. To keep makeup at a minimum, apply Boscia's B.B. Cream Bronze for a quick added tan glow and keep lips silky smooth with Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil. Hourglass lip treatment oil is a godsend. I would describe it as a super powered, extreme vaseline. My lips are left smooth, line-less and more hydrated than ever.

There are a few other beauty essentials needed for a complete fitness makeover:
  • Gillette Venus & Olay Exfoliating Razor Kit: Shaving is a must before any workout, so that's why I stick with Venus & Olay kits. They just partnered to create this razor, which exfoliates for surface skin renewal and moisturizes for less overall dryness.
  • Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response: A good deodorant is essential prior to a workout. Look no further than Secret's Clinical Strength Stress Response. It protects 4X against stress sweat and contains prescription strength wetness protection.
  • The Wet Brush: This brush is the best to use after a gym shower. The bristles are thin, strong and very flexible. No tugging, tearing, pulling or ripping. Great way to detangle and go!
  • Living Proof Satin Hair Serum: After using your new wet brush, take a quarter sized amount of Living Proof's new Satin Hair Serum. It's a hair serum free of oil and silicone that cuts styling time in half while providing smoothness, manageability, and natural movement. It also eliminates frizz and doesn't weigh hair down. Toss a little on after washing and you're ready for the rest of your day.
  • DERMAdoctor 'MED e TATE' Medicated Hyperhidrosis Control Wipes: This is probably the best product you're going to learn about from this article. When I first discovered these wipes, I didn't really understand how amazing they were... till I tried them. My girlfriend and I are hooked. A definite must-have in your gym bag. For someone who suffers from constant sweating or someone who sweats often at the gym, these wipes are everything. Each wipe contains botanicals to help maximize dryness and can be used all over the body -- face, underarms, palms, cleavage, and so on. Skin is left dry and clean after use.

Next on the list is Neuro Drinks. Neuro Drinks are a line of great tasting drinks with a purpose -- to enhance your daily life. My favorites are the NeuroBLISS and NeuroTRIM. NeuroBLISS reduces stress and relaxes the mind, while NeuroTRIM supports healthy weight loss and appetite control. NeuroTRIM is a great addition to any workout and diet program. Added bonus? They taste delicious too!

Last on my fitness checklist are workout gadgets. Today, technology comes to the gym with us. You can't workout without any music, so I love taking my feminine rose gold Frends headphones with me. Wearable fitness devices are extremely popular and make it possible to monitor workouts daily. My go-to gadgets are the Fitbit One and Scosche Rhythm. The Fitbit One is a clip-on monitor that tracks steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed during a workout or throughout the day. Pairing Fitbit with its smartphone app lets you log food, water intake, workouts, weight and more. The Scosche Rhythm is a lightweight armband that monitors pulse rate, calories burned, as well as the speed of your run and manages your music. Connecting it to the Scoshe app lets you set up a "Power Song" to give you an extra push of inspiration. Both gadgets can be purchased at Verizon Wireless retail locations and on the Hope you'll try some of these products at your next workout.  

What are some of your favorite fitness products?
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