Mathieu Mirano SS13 | New York Fashion Week

What does one find in a polar cavern embedded within fashion week? Dinosaur bones, ancient birds, and sleek silhouettes with leather paneling are just some of the elements Mathieu Mirano presented this season. Walking into the Box at Lincoln Center was like (and here’s the geek in me coming out) stepping into a venerable fortress of solitude—if Superman were into intricate beadwork and clean construction. The inspiration could not be anymore thorough; aptly entitled “Human-Dinozation: The evolution of a scientist woman, ” attendees were asked to view the collection in a clockwise manner. Starting with crisp white and silver daywear comprised of shorts, sweaters, and long blazers that complimented the conical landscape.

As one rounded the raised platforms, alternating and descending daises of silvery grays, yellows, reds, and oranges saturated one’s visual intake. As if to break out of the achromatic and simple beginnings, the designs became more vibrant and energized. Shimmery yellows and oranges replaced the whites as tops and bottoms. Pleats got more prominent on a red dress, while a silvery shift received a bolt of yellow.

Completing the circle showed the final phase of Mirano’s “dinozation evolution,” though this was already evident throughout the collection via bone necklaces and bracelets. Here is where the elaborate vision of his designs truly shine. The beading that stood out in the latter phase of the collection was breathtaking. Done to look like dragon scales, the bustier of one green dress almost looked as if it would come alive. The other standout piece was a navy floor length dress with a sheer top that had an archaeopteryx bone emblazoned on to the torso in delicate beads.

Overall, Mathieu Mirano presented yet another stunning collection. Unlike the last season, this collection was more impactful and less overwhelming as he gradually built up to the complexly gorgeous beadwork he is fast becoming known for.

Hair: Bumble & Bumble
Makeup: MAC Cosmetics
Nails: Essie

*This is a guest post written and photographed by Christine Ongsueng of The Tiny Tierant for Beauty in New York City.

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