Ciate Nails Caviar Manicure Review & Swatches

Ciate nails caviar manicure is still a hot nail trend and I finally got my nails on them. Photos swatches after the jump!

I decided to purchase the rainbow and mother of pearl sets and to skip the black pearls. I wasn't crazy about how the black beads looked on short nails. Mother of pearl (white) is my favorite. It made my skin look very golden and also added a sophisticated chic look to my appearance. Rainbow (multi-colored) is playful and young. At first, I thought it looked a bit too young for my taste, but once I swatched it, I was in love! My girlfriend joined in on the fun and I was surprised by how much she loved it. She didn't wanna take it off! She said it made her feel "girly."

I have to also add that the pink shade of nail polish that's included in the Rainbow set is absolutely gorgeous! It's the perfect, feminine pink.

The white polish is the perfect milky white. It's not sheer and rather opaque. The white beads included look gorgeous on camera since they glow and reflect light.

Don't the rainbow beads look amazing?! I couldn't get over how pretty it looked. It definitely catches your eye right away.

The process of adding the beads was really simple to do. You literally just paint your nails normally then pour the beads on. Gently press the beads and you're set. No top-coat is needed.

The rainbow beads closely resembles sprinkles. YUM.

The finished looks! My only complaint with the polish is that the manicure only lasts 48 hours. It doesn't have a long wear time and beads do fall off occasionally in the middle of the night. Despite the hefty price tag and less than average wear, I still recommend these products. The finished look is gorgeous and perfect for someone who wants a unique manicure.

Retail: $25 -- Availiable at Sephora & Ciate Nails -- Follow Ciate Nails on Twitter & Facebook

Stay tuned for an upcoming review of Ciate's latest launch -- Velvet Nails!

What do you think of the caviar manicure?

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  1. So nice! I would like the rainbow set, stunning :)