Beauty News Vol. 1 -- Kardashian's New Makeup Line, Urban Decay No Longer Cruelty Free & More

Welcome to the first edition of Beauty News. In the section, I'll be posting new and relevant beauty news as it is announced. So let's get to it, shall we?

1. The Kardashians Launch a Makeup Line: It's no secret that Kourtney, Khloe, & Kim Kardashian are known for their good looks. Kim, in particular, is a makeup maven having become wildly popular for always wearing a gorgeous smokey eye and nude lip. It was really only a matter of time for the ladies to launch a beauty line. The beauty line will be titled Khroma Beauty and will include everything from eyes, lips to complexion. When I think of the Kardashians and makeup, the first brands that come to mind are NARS (Kim is known for wearing lip gloss in Turkish Delight) and MAC Cosmetics. The ladies are fans of those brands, so I'm hoping they will take inspiration from them. The line is set to launch in December and will even include a product called a Kardazzle compact. Can you say bling bling?

2. Christian Louboutin to Launch Beauty Line: Red Sole lovers beware! Cosmetics are coming. Can we pray for all sleek black packaging with red bottoms? Christian Louboutin is launching "Christian Louboutin Beaute" and will join fellow designer Tom Ford who launched his beauty line in 2011.  The cosmetic line will sell worldwide and is set to launch in 2013.

3. Urban Decay No Longer Cruelty Free: The controversy on the street is Urban Decay will begin to sell their products in China. The Chinese government reserves the right to conduct animal testing with cosmetic products before the products are approved for use by Chinese citizens. Urban Decay has been honest about their brand's stand against animal testing. On June 6th, 2012, Leaping Bunny took away their certification. The beauty community has responded in an uproar about their decision. Will you continue to purchase Urban Decay?

UPDATE: Urban Decay released a statement stating they will not be selling their products in China. Read more here

What are your thoughts on this month's beauty news?

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  1. Correction - Urban decay is not sold legally in China. Check your facts beauty in New York