Join Sneakpeeq & You Could Win A $20 Gift Card -- Giveaway!

I'm always on the prowl for fun sites to shop on and I've found one a new one to add to that list -- Sneakpeeq! Sneakpeeq is an online shopping site with short sales, great deals and new stores daily. Everything has a fixed price, that you can lower further by being more active on sneakpeeq and earning badges. They've got all types of products from housewares, apparel, accessories, gourmet food, beverages, and more.

"Every day, we put a new set of amazing products from new brands on the site. We then take what we know about you as a sneakpeeq shopper (aka "peeqer") and present you with 3 products that we think you'll like the most. The more you participate on the site the better we can predict your personal style. You can also browse through the other stores and like, love, share, and peeq to help us learn more about you. By playing around on the site, and sharing, peeqing, and buying items you can unlock badges. Some badges have the power to lower the prices even further!"

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is complete all three entries below. Make sure you sign up for Sneakpeeq here.

Just for entering you'll also receive a 20% off exclusive code in your account. Woo hoo.

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Good Luck! Xoxo

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