Spotlight On A Brand: Vamplets at New York Comic Con

Among some of the amazing things I saw at New York Comic Con was a brand I'd never heard of before. I saw this adorable face and knew I had to take a closer look:

I immediately stopped and asked the Mrs., "What is that?!" I'm such a sucker for adorable plushies. This was no average plush, however, it was a baby vampire plush. A vamplet to be exact. The brand is called, Vamplets and they sell vampire babies. These babies are available for adoption and are from Gloomvania. The brands mission is to get homes for these hungry munchkins.

Their warning? Do not be fooled! These sweet little babies are rotten to the core.

They even sell coffins for them + bottles with vampire blood.

They all wanted to come home BUT we couldn't decide who to adopt!

The Mrs. liked this one but I couldn't decide so we left without a baby. I see adoption in our future though...

The lovely caretaker of the bunch. She makes sure they're well fed before heading out to their new homes.

The brand itself is a definite one to check out. If you love adorable plushies and have a thing for Vampires, (True Blood, Twilight perhaps?) you'll love these adorable babies. Check out the brands FB Fan Page (they've already have 61,000 + likes!) & their Twitter Page for more information.

Have you heard of Vamplets before?

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