Vincent Longo New Essentials Collection for Fall/Winter 2011

 “Today, innovations in technology are transforming not only how we view beauty, but also how we can enhance that vision,” says Vincent. “Beauty is by its very nature empowering. Product innovations that bring out the true, inner beauty of every woman also invite her to access her own natural-born source of empowerment every time she uses them.” 

Ahhh. I get so excited when I find out Vincent Longo is coming out with new products. I'm so in love with this brand. Their products are just so amazing and my collection is growing as we speak! If you haven't tried their products, you have no idea what you're missing. 

Vincent Longo is relaunching his brand with new essentials. Vincent Longo is often thought of when you speak to  camera-ready supermodel glamour and signature celebrity looks. The brand is known for unlocking beauty in everyday woman everywhere. The new line of Vincent Longo essentials is an array of 6 blushes, 5 five pressed powders & 4 face and body bronzers. All products will be in fresh, redesigned packaging (which--might I add--I'm SO excited to see!) 

The new line also features a evolution in pressing technology--each item combines a drop of complementary tint and texture pressed all the way through the product base. The combination makes all products amazingly versatile for any shade of skin, but also for any occasion. 

Here's what they have in store for their new Fall/Winter 2011 collection. 

La Riviera Sun Face & Body Bronzer ($32)
Four formulas for face and body bronzers complement the natural beauty of any woman’s skin tone. Inspired by a trade-secret professional makeup technique, La Riviera Sun Bronzers’ innovative pressing layers several shades together in a unique dispersion pattern. Easy, seamless application enhances these bronzers’ creative versatility for the perfect touch of color from season to season. These illuminating, long-lasting and color-true bronzers give skin a healthy, luminous glow and also transfer a delicate fragrance upon application, completing the art of seduction. 

  • “Beauty Sin” –  golden peach
  • “Golden Glow” – golden beige
  • “Copper Kiss” –  golden bronze
  • “Cassata”  –  golden rose-sand  
Velour Pressed Powder ($28)                        
Plush and silky to the touch, Vincent’s velour pressed powders finish any flawless look with a soft focus and even-toned complexion. Each pressed powder blends multiple tone-on-tone shades consistently throughout the pressing. Regardless of the season, these Velour Pressed Powders enhance the versatility and creativity of the makeup routine with subtle radiant color and supremely smooth finish.  The blendability and range of each pressed powder makes it the perfect product to accent and refine features year-round—in sun or snow, limelight or candlelight, runway or everyday, the true beauty of the Vincent Longo woman always dazzles.

  • “Faire #1”  – warm porcelain
  • “Light #2” – soft amber
  • “Beige  #3 – natural crème
  • “Warm #4” – medium tan
  • “Dark #5” – rich sienna

Dew Drop Radiant Blush ($30)                     
Vincent’s new Dew Drop Radiant Blush establishes a new standard for powder blush. Created with a cutting-edge pressing technique, the blush combines dew drops of pearl in a demi-matte powder base. The stunning result: a long-lasting, smooth finish with a delicate kiss of light. With each application, the dew drops release their tint and texture into the base formula according to the area of the blush and the pressure applied. Dew Drop Radiant Blush softly highlights the cheek with a personal touch of color and subtle glimmer, in addition to a soft, inviting fragrance.

  •  “Temple Peach” – rosewood
  • “Desert Rose” – sandy rose
  •  “Sandalwood” – neutral coral
  • “Misty Blossom” – powder pink
  • “Hearts Desire” – earthy plum
  • “Gold Canyon” – burnished brown

Availiable this Oct at Space NK & Vincent Longo

Will you be checking out this line?

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