Beauty in Puerto Rico Part 2: Bettina Cosmetics Haul

I didn't make a huge haul in Puerto Rico except for a few key products. I went with the intention of picking up a few Bettina products and it was an added bonus that Sinful Colors was on sale at the local Walgreens. Here's what I picked up:

We'll start with Bettina Cosmetics. Let me give you a little background information. Bettina Cosmetics was founded in 1963 in Puerto Rico. The company was founded with a vision of beautifying Puerto Rican woman and giving them products that were of high quality. It's not limited to Puerto Rican woman, but that's just where it began. The brand descends from Puerto Rico, but can also be purchased in Miami. You can find the product all over the island of Puerto Rico as it is one of their top sellers brands. The nail enamel line is actually extremely popular in the nail blogger world.

I went with the intention of only picking up their nail products, but opted to try their makeup as well. I picked up their long wear gel eyeliner in dark brown. I found the eyeliner to wear fairly long and the brush to be of good quality.

Retail: I can't quite remember what I paid. It was around $8.

Next, I picked up Bettina's eyeshadow in "Fire Opal." I'm not sure what drew me to this particular color. I wanted something bold, but also wearable. The shadow is very pigmented and evenly applies. It's actually funny that I picked this up, because this week backstage at New York Fashion Week, one of the trends were burnt orange eyeshadow. Apparently...I'm psychic.

Retail: Around $8.

I ended up choosing two Bettina nail enamels: 74 & French Beige. I was going to get more bold colors, but then I realized I had no neutral polishes.

This polish applied evenly and lasted the average polish life (about a week.) My girlfriend really like the color. See above is two coats of polish & Essie's top coat.

Retail: Around $7

Another lovely color. Perfect for french manicures. See above is two coats and Essie's top coat.

Retail: Around $7

Have you ever tried Bettina Cosmetics?

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