Beauty in Puerto Rico: Part 1

I've been meaning to get this post up for a while now, but I've been super duper busy! As most of you know, I went on vacation for my birthday to Puerto Rico and it was a blast. Sadly, our last few days were spent with Ms. Hurricane Irene who had to come and rain all over everyone's parade (literally) We did, however, get three days of gorgeous sunshine and we made do. As long as we were safe and together, I was happy. The trip included myself, the Mrs., my twin and his honey. The four of us had tons of fun together and it was great to finally go on vacation with my brother as adults. I picked up a couple of beauty products. I didn't go too crazy. I made sure to get a few Bettina Cosmetics products as it's a brand from Puerto Rico and they had a sale on Sinful Colors nail polish ($1 each OH YES). I'll be doing another blog post about my haul shortly now onto the trip photos:

Relaxing day at the beach...

We spend our first days at the beach, in the mall and relaxing. We have a house over there, so it was nice to kind of "come home" in a sense. It used to be my Grandmother's house before she passed away and now my immediate family shares it. We mostly use it in the summer, but it always there whenever we need it. 

Our third day, we decided to go to the Camuy caves. My brother and I went there when we were children, but my girlfriend and his had never been.

The caves are definitely a sight to be seen and truly spectacular. It's a must to see with your own eyes. You begin to sort of gaze off in wonder at how massive the caves really are and how old. If you love history and nature, you'll definitely enjoy this. Honestly, you'd have to be crazy not to find this amazing. You can't miss this if you ever visit Puerto Rico.

My girlfriend in the cave with no ounce of makeup on (as usual!) Doesn't she have gorgeous skin?!

Movie night at Plaza Del Sol: The Change-Up

We also had dinner night at the house. My girlfriend loves to cook and of course cooked us some delicious pork chops and tostones. Woo hoo. Lucky me. I've got my own personal chef!

Twin Love! in Old San Juan

The fountain in Old San Juan

Sadly, our third day on our vacation, Hurricane Irene hit. It was hurricane season after all. The rest of the trip it rained A LOT and we lost power TWICE. We put candles all over the house and had flashlights. My girlfriend and I ended up staying in a hotel the final night in hopes of NOT dying from the stifling heat in our house.

We stayed at the Caribe Hilton and it was gorgeous. The service was great, rooms were huge and it turned out to be the perfect way to end our vacation.

Random pond inside hotel with fishes and swans = AMAZING

I was in love with the pond inside the hotel because it had black & white swans (eat your heart out Natalie Portman) and just had this adorable factor that made me go, "AWWW!"

My Swan

My feet wearing illamasqua's purity of course <3

Goodbye Puerto Rico. Be back soon.

Did you go on vacation this summer?

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