Be Guilt-Free With Josie Maran's New Fall 2011 Collection -- Part 1

I've never been into the whole ingredients aspect of a cosmetic brand. Then I discovered Josie Maran. Josie Maran's line makes me curious what it would be like to go completely natural and leave all my favorite brands behind me. She been successful at taking a natural brand and turning it into a highly pigmented, luxury brand. I recently announced her launch of the new Fall 2011 collection and I'm ecstatic to be able to share it with you. Here is the post about the launch itself.

(Disclosure: Products received above were sent for consideration)

I was very excited about this launch for a few reasons. My top three reasons were the gorgeous packaging, the nicely pigmented products and products that I've never seen done before. Let's take a closer look: 

Argan Oil: This is my second time receiving Argan Oil and it still as amazing as the first time I used it. I can definitely see a huge difference in my skin: overall texture, no spots/scars, glowing, and hydrated. I get insanely dry skin on my face in the winter, so I'll be curious to see how this product performs during the cold months.  Retail is 1.7 oz for  $48.

Argan llluminizer: I have been wanting this product since I first laid eyes on it. It's an absolutely gorgeous luminizer. I'm a little obsessed and to be honest, I've been wearing it all week. It's a golden shimmer highlight. It's the perfect shade for all skin tones and a little goes a long way. Retail is $28.

Argan Beautiful Eyes: This palette is wrapped in gorgeous packaging and the set up is stunning. All they eye-shadows apply very smoothly. I love that it includes 4 eye-shadows and a liner. Woo hoo. I received this in Beautiful Nude. Retail is $36.

The first color is the liner that's seen in the middle of the palette followed by the eye shadows from left to right.

Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain: I've not a fan of lip stains, but I'm always surprised by how much people love them. I adored the color of this one--it's a bold, long wearing pink! I definitely think I need to do a look to match up with it. Retail is $19.

Have you purchased any new fall products?

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