Anastasia Beverly Hills Launches & Looks

Anastasia Beverly Hills is easily known as the eyebrow experts. All of their eyebrows products are made to create the perfect brow. From stencils to powders, they've got it all. I use their Brow Wiz in medium ash when I feel that I have to fill my brows (I like a more natural brow), Brow Duality as a highlighter under the brow almost every day in Matte Camille/Sand Shimmer and I've also used Brow Tint in universal deep for a sharper, more defined brow. Anastasia recently launched a new color line with bronzers, eyeshadows and more! I've used the bronzer, reviewed it and LOVED it! Read that review here.

Here are some photos of the new products in the line:

I've been eyeing this brow kit for some time now and I'm so excited that I will be receiving it shortly. It's a great kit to help achieve perfect brows. I also love that it comes with stencils to find the proper shape that works for YOU. Brows are definitely not created equal, so you have to find what works for your brow shape. Brow kits can be a little confusing for first time users.

You might be asking yourself... Who is Anastasia?

"Anastasia Soare is widely referred to as a beauty innovator, and for good reason. Long before professional eyebrow shaping became an essential beauty ritual, she was the go-to beauty specialist for top celebrities, and has singlehandedly turned perfect brows and youthful eyes into essential accessories. Anastasia's comprehensive approach to beauty has led to the development of her unique Youthful Synergy™ products, which lift and firm the appearance of skin using innovative ingredients. Discover the beauty of Anastasia combined with the science of skincare."

Here are a few looks you can try out with these new Anastasia products:

Have you ever used Anastasia Beverly Hills products?

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