Giorgio Armani Beauty: Gloss D'Armani

I was wandering around Giorgio Armani's Beauty website and came across this gloss they just launched. I'm big on lip gloss and I've got to try these! 

The website states, "it more than a mere gloss." This lip gloss is concentrated high-definition color and inspired by icons of the cinema. I love the theme behind these glosses as I am a HUGE fan of old and new cinema. This line of gloss is meant to re-introduce glamour. It has a flexible velvet applicator that is supposed to add volume and define contours. It's infused with Color-Fil Shine technology and is a silky formula. It lacks the stickiness of most glosses and it meant to remain true for eight hours without fading. Eight hours?! That's a bold statement. I'm curious if it really lasts for eight hours.

Gloss D'Armani comes in 18 colors. I'm most interested in the nude beige's and soft pinks (of course!)

They've got the gorgeous Megan Fox as their model. The ad alone is enough to make me want to try it out. 

Retail: $28 at Giorgio Armani Beauty

Anyone else excited to try these?

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