Crest Launches Sensi-Stop Strips To Help Sensitive Teeth Everywhere

It’s not every day you learn about a new product innovation that is going to help tons of people daily. This is how I felt when I heard Crest was launching a new product specifically for sensitive teeth. When Crest reached out to me to learn about my sensitive teeth, I was more than happy to share. Here’s a secret – I’m really slightly obsessed with caring my teeth. I brush twice (sometimes three times) a day, and floss nightly. It wasn't until recently that I realized something was different. My teeth would become extremely sensitive anytime I ate sweets or drank a cold drink. I thought for sure I had a cavity, and went straight to the dentist. Lucky for me, I didn't have a cavity (it would have been my first), but my teeth were sensitive. Did you know that 57% of adults may be living with sensitive teeth? I guess I wasn't alone.

So how does the Crest Sensi-Stop Strip help sensitive teeth? It helps relieve tooth sensitivity after one use. 1 strip applied for 10 minutes provides immediate relief and up to 1 month of protection from sensitivity pain. The strip uses the same ingredients as some professional treatments. The strips are small, flexible, and transparent – they can be applied directly to sensitive areas. Unlike toothpastes that take several weeks to reduce sensitivity and are required to be used two times per day, Sensi-Stop Strips provided targeted, immediately relief after one usage (hallelujah!)

You can pre-order Sensi-Stop Strips at Available nationwide beginning September 2014. Prices will vary. 6 ct: $19.99, 10 ct: $27.99, and 12 ct: $34.99.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Crest through their partnership with One2One Network. While I was compensated to write a post about Crest Sensi-Stop, all opinions are my own.

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