Travel To India With Lise Watier's India Gold Summer 2013 Collection

I fell in love this past April. Seriously, I did! It wasn't the kind of love you're thinking of.. I'm talking IN LOVE with a new cosmetics brand. Meet my new main squeeze all the way from Canada, Lise Watier. Now some of you may have already heard of the brand. It is after all Canada's #1 prestige brand. Back in April I was invited to an intimate gathering at the beautiful Mondrian Soho for a preview I would surely never forget. Complete with Indian dancers, delicious food and lots of beauty chatter. I was able to experience first hand the beauty that is Lise Watier's India Gold summer collection. It's gorgeous. Lets dive right in, shall we?

Rouge Gourmand Lipstick in Pomme Cannelle ($21) is a super smooth and comfortable lipstick. This shade is coral with a hint of shimmer. I love the texture and can't wait to try more of these beauties.

Gloss Bollywood ($22) is one of my faves of the collection! This light purple shade is translucent, but gives a gorgeous shiny look to lips. Definitely perfect for a warm summer day. I like placing it on top of my favorite nude lip.

Blush-On Powder in Rose Eclat ($26) is the ultimate sculpting blush. I'm obsessed with the texture of the powder and how soft the color is. I dab a little of this on the apples of cheek and go! I can only imagine how fantastic the other shades are.

India Eau De Toilette Spray ($57) will make you smell like a millionaire dollars. YUM. It starts warm and spicy, but then settles sweet and fruity. You'll experience notes of juice nectarine, bergamot, lush passion fruit, tuberose petals, gardenia blossom, dewy honeysuckle, creamy sandalwood, white amber and musk.

Taj Mahal Powder ($29) is a sexy gold shimmering dust spray. I've always been a fan of sprays like this. I mean, who doesn't want to be covered in glitter ALL THE TIME? I know I do. Add this to your neckline and cleavage for an instant radiant glow. I intend to use this even when summer is long gone.

Palette India Eyeshadows ($42) is the leading lady of this collection. I love everything about this palette. LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. They're so unique and universally flattering. Did I also mention their buttery smooth texture? The secret is their half cream and half powder formula. It just doesn't get better than that.

Duo Shadow & Glitter Fard ($26) is yet another gem in this collection. It's a shadow glitter duo that contains a creme eyeshadow with metallic highlights and a delicate glitter powder in one, tidy compact. All I can picture with this is a stunning smokey eye glittered out to perfection.

Lise Watier's Nail Lacquer ($13) may look like an ordinary lacquer, but she's got a secret... just press the little button on the top of the cap and VIOLA, you have light. You just never know when you'll need more light to paint your nails. Aside from the innovative packaging, the color is summer approved and long-wearing.

Will you be checking out Lise Watier's India Gold Collection?

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