5 New Products To Try From Anastasia Beverly Hills

Every now and then a brand comes along that leaves me inspired and allows users to channel all their inner creativity. That's how I feel about Anastasia Beverly Hills. They launch products every year that continue to impress me. This year is no exception. I've chosen 5 must-have new products from the line you have to try. Up first is their new Bold & Beautiful Kit ($36). It has all your eye essentials - neutral to smokey eye shadows, a double sided brush, brow colors, and even mini tweezers for touch-ups. Next, I'm obsessed with their new Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powder ($12.50). This innovative product allows for an intense flash of color without dying or bleaching hair. You can apply directly to brows with an angled brush or streak hair as desired for a funky finish.

Anastasia is known for their fierce brow products. Next on the list is their Brow Genius Kit ($24). What I love about this kit is it has a clear waterproofing gel and brow wiz loose powder that can be mixed to create your perfect waterproof brow color. Trust me, your brows will last all day and night. Speaking of waterproof, your mascara may need some help as well. That's where the Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat ($21) comes in. This product is one of the best I've ever used. I've never been a fan of waterproof mascara, but during the summer it's a necessity. With this product, I don't have to worry about switching mascara -- I get place this top coat right over my everyday mascara and it's instantly waterproof. BAM. Could it get any easier than that? Last on the list is the Covet Waterproof Eyeliner ($19). Add this baby to your waterline or on lids for a silky, waterproof liner that delivers intense drama and smudge-proof color. Added bonus: It features a built-in sharpener.

So what do you think? Any of these now on your wish-list?

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