Discovery Times Square - BODY WORLDS: PULSE Exhibit Opens April 26th In NYC

Earlier this evening I attend the opening of the newest Discovery Times Square Exhibit - BODY WORLDS: PULSE in NYC. This exhibit, which features real bodies, displays the science and splendor of the human body. Visitors get an inside look (literally) into the human body through Plastination, a breakthrough in anatomy invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. You're given the unique opportunity to learn about how the body forms and functions, its vulnerability and potential, and the challenges that it faces in the 21st century. Not only do you see what a healthy body looks like, but how disease and poor diet can affect you. It's an eye opening exhibit that really makes you question how well you care for your body. Living in NYC, we tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget our bodies are our most important asset. BODY WORLDS: PULSE is a highly educational exhibit and a must-see for all. It will change the way you see yourself. 

The specimens presented in the exhibit are all donated for the cause. To date there are more than 13,000 registered body donors to the Institute. All of the specimens have been preserved through Plastination, a process that replaces the bodies natural fluids with reactive plastics. 

You can purchase tickets here for the exhibit, which will run for the entire year. 

Are you planning to visit BODY WORLDS: PULSE?

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