The Only Blush Palette You'll Ever Need -- NARS Cosmetics Limited Edition Danmari All About Cheeks Palette

You know that moment when you see a product in a store and you know you MUST have it? That's what happen to me with the NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette. I saw it and instantly knew it would be mine. I'm a sucker for NARS blushes and this one came with six! My beauty loving heart stopped and it was over.

This review has a had a long time coming. This gorgeous baby launched in October 2011 before the Holidays and sold out like hot cakes. It was exclusive to Sephora and at first, it was only stocked on their website. I can see why it sold out so fast. It's got it all. It comes in NARS sleek, sexy packaging. It's easy to use and it's a palette! I've never seen NARS come out with blush palette before. They stock a few pro palettes on their website, but not with only blush. From the success of this palette, I imagine NARS will continue to launch a cheek palette every holiday (a girl can dream, right?) 

So what makes it so great? I'll explain. It has six shades and .12 oz of each product. Full size NARS blushes are .16 oz, so a good amount. It's got options. It doesn't only come with blush. It comes with a bronzer and a highlighter.  You get (from top to bottom):
  1. Hungry Heart -- Gold ivory highlighter
  2. Super Orgasm -- Peachy pink with gold glitter blush
  3. Desire -- Bright pink blush
  4. Casino -- Dark brown with gold shimmer bronzer
  5. Orgasm -- Peachy pink with golden shimmer 
  6. Sin -- Berry tone with gold shimmer blush

I do have a few suggestions for the lovely people at NARS. Although the colors are gorgeous and extremely pigmented, they should switch up the shades a bit. My thoughts:
  • Swap Super Orgasm for another shade: Super Orgasm has a ton of glitter and often times, it's to much for the face. It has fall out and most people don't want glitter everywhere. I'd suggest Gina or Luster next time. 
  • Swap Hungry Heart for Albatross: Hungry Heart isn't my go to highlighter, but I'm obsessed with Albatross. It's the most amazing highlighter in the world (seriously). It's gorgeous and everyone should own it. I already own it, but it's good to have backups (just in case).
  • Dolce Vita should be in the next palette: Dolce Vita is a fierce matte dusty rose that works on every complexion. 

Rating: A

Sadly, this palette is very hard to find now and the only place I saw it available was on Ebay. My suggestion would be to purchase the colors separately and make your own palette. Z Palettes are my favorite palettes. You purchase them empty and you can fill them with colors once you have depotted them.

Do you own any NARS blushes? What are your favorites?

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