Lorac Cosmetics Bejeweled Holiday 2011 Review & Swatches

Childhood ME rather excited about the Christmas outfit I'm wearing (Sometime after 1986)

The holidays are upon us and I'm a fan of this time of year for many reasons. There is just something about the holidays that makes you feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Sort of like a hot chocolate and a warm blanket on a cold winter day kind of feeling. My top reasons I LOVE the holidays are:

1. Family Time -- You can rest assured you will see your family more than ever now (even the ones you don't like.)
2. Holiday Decorations --There is just something about putting up a Christmas tree and decorating the house that makes you smile. Plus, the city is all light up and the windows are FANTASTIC.
3. Holiday Music -- Give me Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" any-day!
4. Gifts -- Ahh, yes, The one time of the year you can make a list of what you want and it may actually come true.
5. Food -- This actually starts around Thanksgiving and doesn't end till the New Year. YIPPIE!
6. The Mrs -- I mean, she makes me love everyday, but she makes the holidays so special by just being here and celebrating with me. Oh + she also has the cutest little excited face on Christmas morning!
7. Holiday Discounts -- It's like a giant sample sale all at once.
8. Holiday Beauty Launches -- Beauty launches get better and better each year. With it being so competitive out their for brands, they all strive to give you the best deal with the best products. The best time to shop is normally the holidays because you get the most bang for your buck.

That brings me to this fantastic holiday palette from LORAC. Yes, my friends, they've done it again. This box is jammed packed with all types of goodies: an ENORMOUS bronzer, two eyeliners, two glosses and two eyeshadow palettes; one for day and one for night. It's a steal at $56 and is exclusive to Sephora.

 *Products in post sent for consideration*

 I found nothing wrong with this palette except I didn't care for the gloss colors. That's my own preference though. I would have preferred a nude and berry shade instead. The gloss wear, however, was fantastic. Long wearing and not sticky.

This bronzer is a gorgeous color. It's on the shimmery shade so you can skip the highlighter when you wear this one.

Have you picked up any LORAC holiday launches yet?

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