MAC Cosmetics Holiday Giveaway -- Choose Your Prizes! (CLOSED)

This morning got me thinking about how close the holidays really are. The Mrs. and I were getting our chunky on and buying Halloween candy at Walgreen's and I look to the left and all I see are Christmas items. I couldn't believe it! Christmas and it's not even November?! Then it dawned on me. Christmas really isn't that far away. Soon NY will be filled with tourists dying to get a feel of that city-like holiday spirit (and a good sale doesn't hurt either!) If you haven't ever experienced holidays in NY, you don't know what you're missing. NY during the holidays can get intense. I mean, tons of people everywhere, stores filled to the brim and a bunch of nastys who should have stayed home anyway. It's definitely something to experience at least once in your lifetime. You'll get annoyed, probably wanna kill somebody, but in the end, you'll find that awesome gift for the person you love and you'll get a taste of how amazing NY really can be during the holidays.

When it comes to cosmetics or fashion, we're always a season ahead. I'm already thinking about Spring Beauty Collections and February Fashion Week. Just two weeks ago, I was meeting Carol Shaw of Lorac Cosmetics to discuss her Spring line. Since I'm behind on blog posts as it is, I figured might as well get an early start on the giveaways.

I love giveaways. Seriously. If I wasn't a poor, struggling student, I'd have one every week! They're super exciting and I love how excited you guys get when I have one. Woo hoo. I opted for MAC Cosmetics since that seems to be the favorite of most readers. I was going to just a haul a few products and take some pictures, but then I got to thinking. Why not let you decide what you want? It's the same price either way and this way I'll know you'll love it. Not everyone is going to love the lip I choose or the gloss. Here's your chance to decide what you win.

Now this is the moment when I insert a random photo of my childhood at Christmas...

BAM! Haha. I totally love this picture. I look so innocent and check out my dress. WERK! If you have old holiday photos, I'd love to see them. Tweet them to me or post on my FB wall. 

Now onto to the exciting stuff.. Good Luck Everyone!! Xoxo

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