Random Beauty: Must Have Head Massager & Fashionable Band-Aids

I've decided to start another section of this blog titled "Random Beauty" and the reason behind it is I'm always finding random beauty items that I'd love to showcase on this blog. My girlfriend's favorite line when we go shopping is, "You should put that on your blog!" The section will have any non-makeup item that I think you just need to try or simply have in your collection. On a shopping outing with the honey, we stopped by Urban Outfitters. I love to browse in their stores because if you haven't noticed, they have a lot of great beauty buys. They sell a small selection in store, but have a pretty nice selection on their website. The one I normally shop at has a few NYX cosmetics products and Stila. Anywho... my girlfriend spotted this strange looking head massager and told me we had to buy it because she has tried it and it's amazing. She purchased it (for a cheap $6) and we went outside to try it. We stood in front of the store while she tried it on my me (on the sidewalk--we looked crazy I'm sure..) and OMG. It really is amazing! A random girl in a fluffy dress and a top hat asked if it really worked (only in NY, right?) and we said yes. Here's what it looks like:

So why do I love it?! It's the ultimate head massager. It  gives you chills (literally) and is the ultimate relaxation. This is what it says on the box:

Reduces tension by stimulating sensitive nerves in scalp.

Instantly invigorating.

Great for home or office use.

Agreed! If you haven't tried this yet, you don't know what you're missing. Get one A.S.A.P. I'm a little obsessed. 

Retail: $6 at Urban Outfitters 

Next, I found these adorable band aids at Old Navy. Yup. Old Navy. Lately, they have the cutest most random items by the check out. I'm always seeing what kind of goodies I can find. I can't remember how much these were, but I know they were cheap. 

I LOVE THEM. Aren't they super cute?! Of course now that I have these I haven't gotten a cut at all. Sheesh. Maybe I'll be like Nelly and wear this on my cheek. Make it a fashion statement again...

Yeah.. I don't think so.

Have you purchased any random beauty items you love lately?