Nail Love for Her: Nails Inc. "Porchester Square"

I didn't realize how LARGE my nail polish collection was getting until the other day when my girlfriend asked me to paint her nails. I rarely ever paint my own nails (always get them done) but I always paint hers. Usually she opts for a nude color or clear. This time she decided to try some new colors. I've never in our almost six years together seen my girlfriend with a dark or bold colored polish. She choose one of my Zoya colors. Then she actually wore it all week. Since it's time for a new mani, we sorted through my collection and decided on one of my new colors: Nails Inc's Porchester Square, which is described as a "dove gray." It reminds me a lot of my Essie Chin Chilly and it looks awesome on my girlfriend. Once her mani was complete, she said, "Are you gonna take a picture for your blog?" That gave me an idea! I asked her if she'd like to be part of my blog and I titled it: Nail Love for Her. Once a week, I will be giving her a new mani with different colors.  Woo hoo. Now onto the swatches...

She could have been a hand model SERIOUSLY. Doesn't she have pretty hands? Haha. 

Nails Inc. nail polish just launched at Sephora and is currently available on their website. I have a few of their polishes that I will be getting swatched very soon. They have some gorgeous colors. 

Retail: $9.50 at Sephora

Have you purchased any nail polishes you love lately? 

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