EOS Lip Balm Smooth Sphere Review

I've seen these adorable EOS lip balms in Target and in pharmacies, but I always thought to myself, "I have so much lip balm! Do I really need another one?" I caved and purchased one the other day. Needless to say, I love it.

Here are five reasons why I LOVE it:

1. It's got a unique shape: I can NEVER find lip balm in my bag. Usually it's hidden under something and it's always annoying to try and find it in my big ol' bag. With this shape, it's easy to find.

2. It's long-lasting: I hate when I use a lip balm and after two seconds it's gone and I have to re-apply. Not with EOS --you apply once and that's all you need.

3. I don't have to touch it: I love Blistex's Lip Medex, but I hate that I have to touch it with my fingers. I'm constantly touching the subway or something infested with germs and even with hand sanitizer, there are germs that linger. This handy packaging makes for no touching and easy application.

4. It's good for your lips: This balm is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil that helps keep your lips soft and smooth. (Who doesn't want soft lips?!)

5. It's super cute: I'm a sucker for cute packaging and this delivers. It also comes in five shades and flavors. They also seem to launch new flavors with each new season.

You can purchase EOS lip balms in most pharmacies and online. directly at Eos online for $3.29.

Have you ever tried Eos lip balm?


  1. ohhhweee I'm gonna try this.. looks super cute, and I'm with u with never being able to find ur lip balm in ur bag which is why i don't even bother anymore, && i love that u don't have to touch it as well! flavors seem yummy enough. when u get a chance try Nivea milk & honey chap stick. that's my new favorite.

  2. I love these too- another reason to adore these: they are organic!

  3. @Monica: I've gotta try that Nivea one!
    @Krystal: That's a great tip!