Benefit They're Real Mascara Launch

I've often had people ask me, "what's the best mascara out there?" The truth of the matter is you can't put a title like that on any mascara. Mascaras are different for every person that uses them. No lashes are created equal, so a mascara will work differently for every kind of lashes. I, myself, have very long lashes, so my concern is fullness. For someone who has small lashes, their need may be much different. Their interest with be length as opposed to definition.

The first step is finding the perfect mascara is determining what your general need or want is. Do you want dramatic looking lashes OR do you want a more natural look? Then determine what kind of lashes you have and then take it from there.

I always suggest to go to your local makeup store (Sephora, Ulta, Macys, Saks ETC.) and take a look at the different mascaras. Take a look at the different wands available and ask those above questions and someone can normally help you find what works best for you.

I received an email from Benefit Cosmetics talking about how amazing their new mascara was. I was intrigued by their catch phrase, "They're Real, HONEST!". I was talking to a friend the other day about how mascara ads ALWAYS use false lashes to promote. It's really false advertising but no one would purchase the product unless they believed it worked. I watched this ad below and decided to try the mascara out:

Benefit's they're real mascara is a jet-black mascara that's said to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift & separate lashes for the perfect look. The brush is "specially designed to maximize the performance of the long-wearing, glossy formula-revealing lashes you never knew you had!"

94% saw dramatic length and volume
90% saw base-to-tip curl
94% saw visible lift
100% saw long-wearing results

Retail is $22 at Sephora or Benefit

I was able to get this mascara at Sephora before it launched. They had a mini one available for 100 points if you were part of their beauty insider program. You can become a beauty insider here.

I love brushes like this! They work great to really create the illusion of fuller, longer lashes. This mascara reminded me of Ultraflesh's Panthera mascara, which is my current favorite mascara.

Here's my lashes without mascara:

This is my lashes with NO mascara. They're pretty long normally, but not very full. I decided to try the mascara without curling my lashes.

Here's my lashes with they're real mascara:

What I also LOVE about this mascara is I tend to wear glasses on a normal basis and you can see my full lashes through the glass :-) These are what I like to call my nerd-at-home glasses!

Final thoughts: I definitely recommend everyone to give this mascara a try. I've read a ton of reviews and it seemed like it's made to work for every type of lashes. Benefit also has a before and after on their site to show PROOF  that it works.

Will you purchasing this mascara? What's your favorite mascara?


  1. girl u already know i'm obsessed with the clinque high lengths mascara. (thanks to gratis for giving me two) i recently purchased my 3rd bottle and i can't use anything else. but i got the email on the new launch of the benefit mascara n was wondering.. so thanks for this post-up, very helpful.. I would try it in stores but i would only put my money into what i know already works. :) loving this blog btw. -monica d.