Summer Fragrance - Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche

I'm really, REALLY picky when it comes to my fragrance. For years, I wore Pink Sugar by Aquolina. It was my signature scent. Most who have smelled it describe it as "the cotton candy fragrance" because that's exactly what it smells like.

Today my ultimate favorite scent is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Yummy. 

Working in fragrance for these past few months have really opened my eyes to experiment with other brands and smells. I've been on the hunt for my perfect summer fragrance. Here's what I found - Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche!

This fragrance is described as "Playful. Fruity. Floral." The notes include Citrus Accords, Kumquat, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood, and Patchouli. I think Citrus scents are the perfect scent type for Summer. I would describe this scent as a soft, citrus scent. It's initially smells sweet when you spray it, but sets warmer on the skin. It's an Eau de Toilette, which means it's a softer version of the perfume.

1.0 oz $49
1.6 oz $65
2.5 oz $85

Purchase at Sephora & Macy's

What are your favorite scents for summer?

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