NYC: New York Color Review & Swatches

Lately, I find myself stopping by my local drug store to check out the makeup selection. It used to be that I would only shop at Sephora or Macy's for my beauty needs. I've been noticing the changes in the makeup selections at drug stores. It used to be that consumers only thought that "cheap" brands were sold in drug stores, which definitely isn't the case. Recently, I discovered NYC: New York Color. I'd never heard of the brand, but I was curious to see if their products were any good. From prices starting at only 99 cents, anyone would be skeptical.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised ESPECIALLY when it came to their eyeshadow palettes. I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM and guess what?! They're only $4.99. Could it get any better than that?!

New York Color is an affordable cosmetic brand that is carried in Duane Reade, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, CVS, and Rite Aid.

I was super excited when a huge package arrived at my door.

(Disclosure: Products received below were sent for consideration from PR).

 Here's what I received:

Onto the review & swatches...

I liked the length and look of these eyelashes. They're self adhesive, which I didn't love about them. However, I put some Duo on and they worked just fine.


I love the coverage I get with this cover stick. It doesn't crease and it fully covered any imperfections I had.

Retail: $1.99

I'm always skeptical about trying liquid makeup from drug stores especially since I'm already used to HD makeup. I was pleasantly surprised at the coverage this smooth liquid makeup gave me and how long it lasted on my skin. The website clearly states that the makeup will hold true for up to 12 hours. I wore it a full day and only need to blot for oil mid day, but never actually reapplied.  

Retail: $2.99

The formula of this concealer contains Vitamin A, C, and E that helps to protect skin from any environmental damage. I like the applicator at the end of the brush and along with the other complexion products, it gave good coverage.

Retail: $3.99

I enjoy this powder for touching up for oil throughout the day, however, this shade was too light for me and I probably would have benefited better from the "Warm Beige".

Retail: $2.99

This is one of the best drug store brand eyelash curlers I've ever used. It didn't pinch my lashes at all or cause breakage. I definitely would recommend this to someone who travels often and just wants a curler to have in a travel bag for quick use.

Retail: $2.99

I loved the lipsticks!! They're really smooth and the long wear lasts for 6 hours.

(My favorite of course!)

Retail: Ultra Moist Lipwear - 99 Cents/Ultra Last Lipwear - $1.99

I loveeee Bronzer and this bronzer had GREAT pigment. 

Retail: $4.99

This is the perfect pink blush for everyday. It is similar to Tarte's Doll Face Amazonian Clay Blush.

Retail: $4.99

I used this bronzing face powder to set the liquid foundation from NYC. It actually gave a gorgeous, subtle glow.

Retail: $2.99

The best thing about these cheek glows is that they're all sheer blushes, so you can build as you'd like. I sometimes prefer a softer, natural cheek and these will definitely do that for you. I actually mixed one of these with the Color Wheel and it came out more pigmented. 

Retail: $2.99

I can't wait to try these!!

Retail: $1.99

Custom Compact for Green Eyes

Custom Compact for Blue Eyes

Custom Compact for Brown Eyes

I'm loving these compacts. They're super easy to use with clear directions on what goes where (ex: crease, highlight etc.) and really nicely pigmented.

Retail: $4.99

This mini compact is adorable and the perfect size for your makeup bag.

Retail: $3.99

I decided to make a quick soft smokey eye using only New York Color products. Here's how it turned out:

WARNING: Please ignore the HORRID hair. I'm having the worst hair week with the humidity. Grrrr.

Below are all the products I used from NYC:

The products above are the four products I used that weren't New York Color.

Final Review: I would definitely recommend New York Color to anyone on a budget who wants a brand with great products that can be used everyday for various looks.

I'm going to look into trying out their mascaras, eyeliners, skin matching foundation, and sparkle eye dust.

Visit New York Color to find a location that sells this brand near you.

Anyone else ever tried New York Color?

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