MAC Bloggers' Obsession Collection

The talk over this past week has been all about the MAC Bloggers' Obsession Collection. MAC is definitely the most popular makeup brand to be blogged about, so in return, they decided to contact over 100 of the best beauty blogs and see what makeup they would create if they could. They were given the option to create a lipglass or an eye shadow. Each blogger submitted a shade of their choice. They gave their idea a name, description, formula, and the background and/or inspiration behind their creation. MAC chose 9 bloggers in the end and flew them all the way to their Toronto Lab for a weekend of their dreams. Here they were able to custom create their very own product. Paired with a chemist, their ideas came to life, and this collection was born. This collection is limited edition and will be exclusively sold online starting June 21st. I believe this collection is going to sell out extremely fast. The products are gorgeous and I can't wait to get my hands on a few!

 The nine chosen were:
Retail: $14.50 for Eye Shadow/$14.50 for Lipglass. All limited edition available exclusively online on June 21st at MAC

Congratulations to all the nine that were chosen. It must be a very exciting time in their lives and such an accomplishment.

I will be purchasing Parisian Skies, Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, and Evolution Revolution. What are you planning to purchase?

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